Processing Progressions

So… I’m working on a new game. πŸ™‚

No, the CRPG is not abandoned. I’ve just shelved it for now because I want to work on something smaller scale I can finish. Also something I can actually play and have some fun with; CRPG’s are all static content so there’s no surprises for ME there.

Since Tunnels of Doom, there’s been a lack of procedurally generated content games for the TI. And for that matter, a total lack of Roguelikes for the platform. So my new gaming project is a Roguelike for the TI-99/4a! (Yes, it does have a name. And no, I’m keeping it under wraps, because good names tend to get stolen a lot. See the Indy gaming industry for many examples.)

A main concern I had with starting a project like this was cross-game pollution of ideas from my CRPG. But I think I can use this project as a way to do some things I won’t be doing with the CRPG.

Here’s a list of the expected features:

  • Runs on a native TI (preferably with the classic 32k expansion and disk system, no more)
  • Generates ALL content procedurally for infinite replay possibilities
  • A four-part game (!) which allows you to port your existing character
  • A level-based advancement system with attributes, races, and customizable class options
  • Monsters aren’t just there to be killed, you can negotiate, barter, beg, run away and other options
  • Food and water mechanics
  • A very complex inventory system with containers and encumbrance

Hm, did I say it was small? πŸ™‚

A particularly inspiring series of games (besides the obvious Rogue) for meΒ  include Telengard, Elite, and Warrior of Ras. You can see an advertisement for the last one on the right here. (I always wondered how many of the people shown were real and which ones were actors…)

I don’t necessarily want to copy the gameplay of any of these games… WoR in particular has a funky key-based control system and is horridly random to the point that it’s more luck than skill to reach level 20. But I like the idea of a series of games each introducing new features and content as well as a different style of play, but allow you to continue with the same character. Persistence is a virtue.

Right now, I’m still in developmental stages… mainly I’m working on what kind of dungeon generation algorithm to use for the first game, and whether or not I want to procedurally generate it using static random strings or create an entire set of levels and save it as one big game file. Look for a future post describing some algorithms in detail!

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6 Responses to Processing Progressions

  1. Stu says:

    yay roguelikes!

  2. Alessandro says:

    very bad, crpg first !!!

  3. Moloch says:

    I can totally understand wanting to take a break and finishing something small, the same feeling comes over me while working on my c64 CRPG project.

  4. Realms of Quest says:

    I’ve used procedurally-generated mazes for a few of my CRPGs as well.

    The thing about making a Homebrew CRPG is that real life tends to get in the way. There’s nothing wrong with tackling smaller projects. Will you be re-using code from your current project with these smaller games? That would save time.

  5. Adamantyr says:

    Re-using code, definitely. Plus it gives me an opportunity to write up some code I didn’t use in my CRPG, like an input parser.

    I’m trying to NOT re-use graphics, but it may be inevitable. πŸ™‚

  6. Alessandro says:

    any news?

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