Debug Blues

Debugging the combat engine continues… it is really good to do so, though, since now it’s actually working and the bugs aren’t completely derailing it. Well, most of the time.

A simple register shift being one off caused all the problems with other characters not being able to hit without crashing the game. I was also adding health instead of wounds when striking monsters, meaning they actually got STRONGER with every hit… now monsters are dying correctly.

Currently, I have a few more bugs I want to fix up before I try and add any new FX, like ranged weapons:

  • The wrong monster graphics are periodically loading, and I can’t figure out why. It seems consistent for certain monster types, so I will statically fix it to one and debug into it to find out what’s going on
  • You can move about the entire map now easily enough, but moving OFF the edge doesn’t end the character’s turn, and actually do some funky stuff with the interface
  • You can’t actually end combat, there’s nothing tracking that all monsters are dead at present. If I get this wired up, then I need to test and debug the combat ending routines, including treasure and updating travel mode so the monster you fought is gone
  • Syncing up FX and their timing is needed. The regular hit graphic disappears long before control returns to the character, making it seem a little lagged. Part of this is also having a set amount of time always pass at minimum (Say, 1/2 second) so that you can see the combat update of a hit, miss, or critical hit, and also take longer if a FX lingers longer than that


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