Burn baby burn!

And the spell is done!

It’s amazing how much effort went into getting only a few seconds of action on the screen, but wow it’s beautiful!

As part of my efforts, I also am making a few changes to how orientation is determined… I originally was going to have it random, but I realized that would be a disconnection from on screen, where you may move your party into a mob, or get attacked in turn from a particular direction. So I altered things a bit so the direction is determined that way.

Another aspect is the ambush. I realized belatedly that the Ultima mob methodology (where you see them and they move towards you) doesn’t work with ambushes because, well, you SEE them. How can they surprise you? So I’m redesigning it so that at times, hidden monsters are placed on the map and if you trigger them, it’s an ambush situation.

Work continues on the next set of spell effects, which includes a cone effect and a wall effect… I’ll want to test out all 64 spells individually to make sure they’re all satisfactory.

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2 Responses to Burn baby burn!

  1. Congratulations on achieving this milestone!

  2. Alessandro says:

    Well done!
    Entering to next dungeon…

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