Moving On Up

If the site looks a little different to you, there’s a reason… I’ve relocated the blog!

My WordPress blog on Yahoo has been stuck on a prior version for several months now. When I contacted their customer support, they pretty much said they weren’t compatible with the latest and that they would have it working “eventually”. During which time none of my posts propagated to the main site unless I explicitly attempted (and failed) an update. I also ceased getting emails telling me that a comment was awaiting my approval.

I’ve been unhappy with Yahoo as a host for quite awhile now… Aside from the fact the company always seems to be on the verge of Chapter 11 these days, they split off their business web hosting side into a new company called Aabaco, part of some larger futile effort to avoid taxes or leverage more money out of it. The result is poor lackluster service.

We’ve been using AWS (Amazon Web Services) at work for the last few years, and I’m impressed with their work. In particular, storage space is very affordable, and running a WordPress blog should be pretty cheap! (After the first free year of course.) So I’ve relocated there and been very happy to do so!

Fair warning, I eventually want to put up some pages for my CRPG, so I may stop re-directing the main domain to my blog eventually. You’ll always be able to find it at!

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  1. Tormod Haugen says:


    RSS feed still works after move, but it links back to… (without www) – which doesn’t exist in dns.

    Best wishes šŸ™‚

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