Legends of Yesterday

Quick post about this, the CRPG Addict has played, won, and reviewed Legends on the TI!



His final rating is to my judgment very fair… I’m glad he found it was fun enough to finish!

I’m also really jazzed he was able to contact the author, Donn Granros, and get some interesting information about him and the game’s design.

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  1. arthurdawg says:

    Glad to see you visiting the CRPG Addict Adamantyr! I read your following blog post above and am looking forward to your games completion. I haven’t had time for really playing CRPGs in years (1994 is so far away in time…!) but will plan to give yours a shot. Warm and fuzzy memories of playing TOD on my old TI are still hanging out in the old brain.

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