A Preview

A new video… the title screen with music!

Work on the combat module is proceeding slowly… I have to solve the battlemap generation problem, which is a totally new design.

I also did some clean-up work with my external tools. I originally had all  my graphic sets in separate files that were loaded individually into memory. Since they are now part of the program file for the entire game, it made sense to update my tools to just read/write from that file directly. Same thing with the title screen as well. Then any changes made are immediately in game to without having to copy and paste hex data. 🙂


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4 Responses to A Preview

  1. Brian says:

    Love the title screen and the music! I always look forward to reading about the progress you’re making on the game. At the rate you’re going, I’m going to have to hit eBay soon to get a TI-99/4a. Some of my earliest computer related memories are seeing my grandpa on his TI-99/4a down in his basement! Good memories!

    • adamantyr says:

      Thank you! Running on hardware could get pricey, besides the console itself you’d need a disk system and the SAMS card. There’s a fellow on AtariAge, Ksarul, who makes the cards, plus there are schematics online if you’re ambitious enough to assemble one yourself.

      On the other hand, Eric’s work to replicate the expanded system on a single board could do the trick too:


      Reducing the difficulty and cost for 99’ers to use the more advanced software is definitely needed!

  2. Also Brian says:


    Will it be able to run on an emulator? I have fond memories of TOD and recently came across an update for it that I spent several hours playing.

    I like the music… the graphics are well beyond anything on my trusty old TI99/4A, although ours was a standard 16k unit out of the box with only a tape recorder for data.

    • adamantyr says:

      Yes it should run in Classic99 and PC99 at least, any emulation that supports the SAMS card should work. I do all my development work in Classic99, actually.

      The funny thing is, the TI was fully capable of these graphics back in the day, but it was limited by the lack of CPU memory and the restricted memory in the cartridge port. Some games clearly show developers who had sussed out how powerful the video chip was (Microsurgeon, Super Demon Attack, Donkey Kong, Congo Bongo, and so forth). I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from MSX games, which were built around the exact same video chip, but their artistry really shows.

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