Halfway Point

So, now that it is July, the year is more than half over. My intention was to have the game complete by the end of the year. Will I make it? We will see…

I changed tactics and stopped working on the encounter engine, which was devolving into creating graphics and other more content-related work. Instead, I went back to trying to convert existing combat code. This turned out to be a good idea; a lot of elements need to be figured out in the new design, plus I need to find out if my 12k segment for combat will be large enough for everything.

I had to make a few changes to the FX engine code to support boss monsters, as well as convert it to read FX data from CPU memory pages instead of loading them from disk. Fortunately the code beyond this is largely unchanged.

I also need to add support for new concepts, like summoned creatures by players. I realized I could just have them be new monsters added to the unit list, but with the “charm” effect enabled. One the charm clock runs out they turn hostile on the player.

On the subject of units, I redesigned my arrays to store the unit type (including if they are “dead” or not, a player or monster, etc.), unit graphics (A zero means they’re invisible, don’t render them on screen), and unit coordinates. (A -1 means they’re “off map”, which only players can do, fleeing the combat.) Hopefully the combination of these three will cover all my bases!

I may do one extra thing, which is have player data copied from their normal arrays into a block adjacent to the monster state blocks. I’m having to write a lot of “specialty” code to do considerations between player vs. monster, and it’s getting annoying.

I’m hoping by the end of this month I’ll have the bulk of the code converted and can return to encounter design/generation.

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