Combat Complete

The combat module is finished! I ended up moving combat end determinations into the Encounter module, so that work will be completed there.

Now that I got some code space to spare, I may have a complex “You found a chest, open it?” event at the end of combat. Another opportunity to throw in some traps… 😉


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5 Responses to Combat Complete

  1. Alessandro says:

    Can you found a chest and NOT open it?
    For example a ADAMANTIO CHEST is very difficult to open….
    In this situation your team can carry chest but not open it!
    Lockpick is a art…

    • adamantyr says:

      Oh my goodness, people ARE reading the blog!

      I wish, but the item system lacks the depth to allow for complex chests with multiple items like that being carted about. 🙂

      • Alessandro says:

        Maybe you can generate items THEN you open monster chest! So you can carry it everywhere…. ;P

        • adamantyr says:

          Chests in travel mode can be locked, but not trapped. Chests in combat are never locked, but potentially trapped, since they are carried by monsters. I decided game-wise that after a hard-fought combat, a chest you can’t even get into is a bit harsh.

          One aspect I have to also do is give the ability to do some limited inventory control. Otherwise if your party has full backpacks, items gained in combat will be lost forever, because you’d be unable to trade or discard items, like you can in Tunnels of Doom.

  2. Arthurdawg says:

    I just found you recently due to CRPG addict, but you can bet I’ll be trying your program out when it is done!

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