Many Thanks

A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am always thankful that I have at least a few people paying attention to my project. Despite taking WAY too long on it. 🙂

I’ve been working on an FX tester recently. FX is a huge part of spellcasting in combat, and I need to be able to fine tune that code specifically in isolation so that I can make it perfect without having to hack the game.

There is a lot of aesthetics going into the design, so I need to be able to play with graphics, colors, and other factors quickly. My original “move sprite from A to B” code wasn’t quite perfect either, often over-shooting the mark. I’ve come up with a design that both allows different speeds by only opening interrupts to display sprite position changes at given intervals, and is also completely deterministic so they won’t “shoot past” their mark.

Hopefully I can get most of the engine work done and focus on content… I may have to start beta-testing with only the first 25% of the content complete.

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  1. Brian Stratoon says:

    We should be thanking you for developing this game and sharing your progress on it! I’ve been following it for a few years now and while I don’t usually comment, I’m always excited to see your status updates. I’m looking forward to playing it whenever it is done!

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