Anchors Away

Another video, this time of the sailing in action!

The hardest part of it is plotting the ship’s course, which is stored in a transaction. This particular map is slanted which made counting the steps particularly difficult…

Ranged weapons are implemented, as are thrown weapons. The latter are certain melee weapons (like daggers) which you can throw one time per combat. Since this also disarms you and leaves you fighting with bare hands, it’s not always the best option… There are of course some weapons in game that magically return to you each round.

I’ve done a bunch of work with large monsters as well, there was a lot of complications there to sort out. I originally had special attacks enabled and I was surprised and pleased to see my dragon breathe sleep gas at the party! Unfortunately it was also accompanied with a bunch of video buffer overruns and it looks like the sleep state isn’t working quite as intended…

So next is to make sure monster ranged attacks work as intended, and get the special attacks sorted out. I also need to test every single spell in the game to make sure they all work as intended.

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