Phone a Friend

I’ve finally reached my end of year vacation time, hurrah!

Besides holiday stuff going on, I also have a new cat in the house, a beautiful tuxedo long-hair I rescued from Petco. She’s slowly getting used to the house and my other cat, Jack. Currently she isn’t sure about him and hisses if he bounds too close. For his part, he’s ready to worship her!

CRPG work has been ongoing and making steady progress. I’m presently working through every single spell in the game to test code and ensure everything works! I’m a little over halfway through now.

I’ve made several small refinements to the game as I’ve gone along. For example, if you target an enemy one round, on the next round it remembers which one you targeted and defaults to them. I also fixed animation so that all animation occurs when you move. This helps stop the “water doesn’t move when I do” effect which was a little weird. Several spells were tweaked, as was how damage is calculated.

But enough talk, time for another video! In this one, you can see the “Guardian” spell at work, which summons a spiritual ally. Three different random types (bear, wolf, and eagle) are available. There is also another spell which allows you to summon a demon… although their degree of control the summoner has is far less.

Hopefully before the end of the year I will have finished enough to start some closed beta testing with others!

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2 Responses to Phone a Friend

  1. Ethan E Roberts says:

    I really want to play this!

    Your cat is lovely.
    The Guardian cast in the video, was that the wolf? I love the attack animation.
    I also really like what you did with the chest animations where every one steps back… that is a neat effect.

    • adamantyr says:

      Yes, that’s the wolf! He’s mentioned in combat messages but they go by fast… I may have to introduce a variant message delay system.

      Yes, I came up with the idea of having the rest of the party take a step back when someone checks for traps… there’s a few cases where they can’t or weirdly don’t, which is amusing.

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