I swear I saw a…

A new video! I still need to make some adjustments to direction determination for monster special attacks, but pretty good!

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5 Responses to I swear I saw a…

  1. Alessandro says:

    Text after action is too fast imho

  2. Realms of Quest says:


  3. Ethan Roberts says:

    Obviously you have to have the black background on your sprites, I understand that, but man… that salamander would look so much better with a transparent background.
    Question: when your fireball spell attacks a multi-tile enemy, does it score damage for every tile hit? Or just once per enemy?
    Love the cone effect of the breath attack! What tile are you originating it from? Does the origin tile with the direction of the attack?

    • adamantyr says:

      Yeah, the bigger size monsters make the tile limitations more pronounced.

      Location based spells only affect each unit once.

      Currently the cone attack is originating from the upper left tile of the monster. I need to work on this; for large creatures I want a pattern that looks more even. There’s a lot of little refinements I need to make with “big” enemies.

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