Green Times

Interesting times right now…

First we had St. Patrick’s Day. And Emerald City Comic Con, which naturally uses the color green rather heavily with the brand. And things are definitely greening up, Seattle hit a temperature high for the month of March the other day.

So to further celebrate, a green dragon I’ve been working on! I was aiming for a look closer to Singe from Dragon’s Lair (inspired by the most excellent cartridge version of this game recently released by Tursi for the TI-99/4a, a marvel of technological accomplishment!) but I think he came out looking pretty good.

May still need some tweaking… Or twerking.

Maps are basically done for 75% of the game now, time to turn my attention to scripting and mobs for a bit and get that part caught up.

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2 Responses to Green Times

  1. Ethan Roberts says:

    I like the dragon.

    • adamantyr says:

      Thanks! I tweaked him a bit further after this to get the proportions for his neck just right, and make the head in attack mode more closely resemble passive mode.

      Large monsters are a bit more fun to do because I have more resolution to play with.

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