Rogues Gallery

Sorry for the long time between posts… I’ve been working hard at the 3rd disk’s contents. The Progress tab will tell you where I’m at!

In the meanwhile, I decided to write up a “monster graphics extractor” tool so I could generate a quick PNG file of all my monsters. It’s colorful and cool! The gaps you can see in various areas are where I have monsters planned that aren’t drawn yet

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4 Responses to Rogues Gallery

  1. Alessandro says:

    I drew a lot on ti99 in the past. The work done with colors is shocking.

  2. renaak says:

    Love those mimics, might have to rethink my game only having a chest variant.

    • adamantyr says:

      Thanks! Some of the mimic patterns were created by an Atari Age user for me, although they were originally monochrome. I made a few changes to bring in some color.

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