Beta Max

November 1st, I’m running out of time to not have to update the copyright on the title screen… But things are going smoothly, and beta testing should begin very soon!

Right now I’m fixing game engine bugs to get it far enough along that anything the testers find will be hopefully something I haven’t encountered yet. I addressed several bugs and features over the last few days, and just have a few more to go. The big one is updating the combat engine so boss monsters attacks offset from their larger footprint. I only have about 128 bytes left in the module though, so I may have to do some trimming…

Content-wise, I still have the last few dungeons to complete. However, I’m going to be doing a lot of content updating during the beta test, adding and expanding dialogue and NPC’s based on feedback, and likely no tester is going to reach end-game anytime soon, so I have time to get that done.

I also have a plan for the game box. I was going to see if I could get a particular company that creates custom game boxes (mainly board games) to do the work for me, but the cost is just too high. If I had unique custom artwork, it would be worth it, but I mainly have free art (used under license) and if I HAD to, I could just do all the printing and assembly myself.

Here is a mock-up of the game box:

The front
The back

I found some cheap cardboard mailer boxes that, even after shipping, are just under a dollar apiece. I’ll get sticker paper and just print the front and back on those, cut it on a cutting board, and then apply them to the box. Well, it’s a step up from ziploc bags at least. 😀

I’ll have to provide the game on a CD-ROM, unfortunately. Floppy disks these days are just too rare and likely to fail. At some point in the future, I may make a loader cartridge for the main game files which will load MUCH faster. This will not eliminate the need for a SAMS card though.

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11 Responses to Beta Max

  1. ERoberts says:

    Amazing! What are you thinking your price point for this will be?

    • ERoberts says:

      Ooh! You know how DOS games used to come with troubleshooting guides on cardstock? You could do something similar but with instructions to get it working on a TI emulator.
      Not that I assume people are going to use an emulator, but I imagine those of us using an emulator will also be the ones who need the help.

      • adamantyr says:

        Yeah, I had that thought for individual emulators. In the manual I list out the emulators that work, but detailed instructions for each aren’t provided.

        Cost-wise, it will basically be whatever the cost in time and materials and shipping. I’m not trying to make a profit… I’ll be shocked if I could sell more than a couple dozen at most.

        • Realms Of Quest says:

          Count me in for a copy. Your website has been a great resource and I’ve been anticipating for years how the game will be like.

          • bpstrat says:

            I’ll definitely buy a copy as well. I’ve really enjoyed watching your progress on the game and I’m looking forward to playing it (and having a physical copy no less!

  2. Edgar Flesk says:

    I’m also interested in buying a physical copy 🙂 By the way, are you the same Adamantyr commenting on the CRPG-addict blog?

    • adamantyr says:

      Indeed I am!

      BTW I see you may have been the person who joined the Discord channel. My apologies for kicking you, it’s meant to be invite only for beta testing feedback. If you’re interested in testing, drop me an email here.

  3. Edgar Flesk says:

    Yes, I tried to join your Discord channel (an invite was posted on the SkaldRPG-channel).

    I’m a collector of old-school CRPG:s (and classic Interactive Fiction i.e. Infocom etc) ever since I bought the nice big box Ultima III sometime in the eighties. I would very much like to beta test RoA, although I probably won’t have copious amounts of time for it (job, family, just bought a house etc). On the other hand… I have played CRPG:s for 35+ years, so I can hopefully contribute something useful.

    Kind regards,

  4. Edgar Flesk says:

    I can’t. The old invite is “invalid” now.

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