And Go!

Beta testing has started! I spent several hours today cleaning up boss special attacks and at the moment, the engine should be complete other than bug fixes.

Launches are never clean… I found several mob misalignments with graphics that I fixed immediately myself. And my link was wrong so nobody could download it initially. 😛

I’m planning to try and step back and let some feedback come in from the beta test team (which has about 10 people on it at the moment) before stepping in myself to play through. I’ve been too close to it for awhile so some external feedback is critical for fixing things I may just be overlooking.

You can check where things are on the Progress tab! My plan is still to launch the game before the end of the year.

I also resurrected my long dormant Twitter account… I figure I should probably have SOME presence there. I’ve also set up a Discord server specifically for the beta testing for quick feedback.

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