Update: New Project!

Hi, sorry for the long quiet!

As we all know, 2022 didn’t turn out to be much better than the prior two years… I’ve also been mostly occupied with patching and maintaining Realms of Antiquity in hobby time.

But at last, the end of the line is in sight. I feel like the game is “done enough” and at most another bug patch may be needed if someone finds something. But otherwise, it’s time to move on to the next project!

And what is the next one? Well, still assembly. Still on the TI-99/4a. And something the system never got in the heyday. A rougelike. 🙂

I posted about it before (Processing Progressions), but now it’s got my full attention. A roguelike for the TI-99/4a. I actually got a lot of the prototyping done already, so now it’s full speed ahead on development.

The #1 thing I want to do is make it my own. I have no interest in re-creating the original Rogue or even Nethack on the TI. I want my own game with my own unique twist on things. As part of this, I’m utilizing a resource I chose not to use with RoA: other people’s feedback. As I have a Discord with many players of my game, it makes perfect sense to leverage their opinions to make sure I make the best game that I can.

Because, if there is one thing I learned from RoA, it’s that you can work and make a game that you’d like, but it benefits you to hear from others as to how to make it better.

I don’t have a timeline or expected date on this project as yet; probably no earlier than 2023 at the best. But rest assured I’ll keep everyone apprised of the status.

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