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Anchors Away

Another video, this time of the sailing in action! The hardest part of it is plotting the ship’s course, which is stored in a transaction. This particular map is slanted which made counting the steps particularly difficult… Ranged weapons are … Continue reading

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Combat 2.0

Combat in action! I still need to re-implement ranged weapons, thrown weapons, and test all spells but looking good…  

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Many Thanks

A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am always thankful that I have at least a few people paying attention to my project. Despite taking WAY too long on it. 🙂 I’ve been working on an FX tester recently. FX … Continue reading

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Alpha Ongoing

So I’m definitely in alpha stage with the game engine. For those of you unfamiliar with software, alpha testing is typically testing of the project with internal testers, and using both white and blackbox testing. At the moment, the sole … Continue reading

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Phat Lewt

Despite not having a post for awhile, I’ve been very busy on the game! I’ve been updating the progress page with various bugs and issues. There’s a LOT of code to test and fix; in particular I know the FX … Continue reading

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Work in Progress

Quick share of some screenshots of where I’m at… So initially I got a nice video garbage screen when going to combat. Lots of bugs with functions not returning to the caller, workspace overlaps, and video buffer overruns. After getting … Continue reading

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Garbage Time

Despite the lack of posts, I have not been idle… After a lot of testing, I’m satisfied with my battlemap generator. I’ve populated the data table with some entries that are undefined (graphics sets in later parts of the game) … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

And now a side-trek on random number generation… Pseudo-random numbers have been a part of software design for awhile. It’s a field that is still very heavy in the mathematics area, because a large part of it is about trying … Continue reading

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Battling Bugs

Okay, a couple new things… One, after all the excitement and talk of the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, I decided to renew my subscription after over four years just to play a bit. I have two and a … Continue reading

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Trades and Revisions

Churning onward… As part of my work coding up traps for the encounter module, I realized I had to make my damage approach consistent. There’s effectively two kinds of damage reduction, one for wounding effects and one for every other … Continue reading

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