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A Preview

A new video… the title screen with music! Work on the combat module is proceeding slowly… I have to solve the battlemap generation problem, which is a totally new design. I also did some clean-up work with my external tools. … Continue reading

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Burn baby burn!

And the spell is done! It’s amazing how much effort went into getting only a few seconds of action on the screen, but wow it’s beautiful! As part of my efforts, I also am making a few changes to how … Continue reading

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From my Video to my Radio…

Bonus points if you can identify the source of today’s blog entry title… Camtasia is a FANTASTIC video recording software tool. My trial period will be up at the end of the month, but I’m definitely going to go ahead … Continue reading

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Ready, Aim, Fire!

┬áReal life has been super busy and complicated lately, but I found some time to hammer out and get the ranged combat system fully functional. The big addition was adding sprite movement to the FX engine. I wrote up a … Continue reading

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