Progress Report

Last update: 11/14/19

Beta Testing

Current Version: 4.1

Started: 11/10/2019

Active Bugs

  • Occasionally keystrokes are ignored, changing focus in Windows appears to reset this, or pressing enter. (Being investigated)

Fixed Bugs (current version)

  • Occasionally party character names get corrupted in the party status screen (Fixed in version 4.1)
  • Character level announcement overwriting prior character with bleed (Fixed in version 4.1)

Fixed Bugs (old versions)

  • Giant Beetle looks like a Berzerker? (Fixed in version 4)
  • Ambush text gone from screen too quickly. (Fixed in version 4)
  • Gambling in The Rat’s Nest causes screen clutter/overflow issues. (Fixed in version 4)
  • Casting spells is no longer possible at maximum fatigue
  • Game crashes in inventory screen when items are examined, removed and equipped. (Fixed in version 4)
  • Ranged weapons and spells not available in combat (May be fixed, need repro)
  • Opening a coffer in Alpthorpe caused a number of strange behaviors including disappearing items and a departure to a map surrounded by mountains. (Fixed in Version 2)
  • The Character creation process Party Overview had a scrambled up 4th character slot and some odd border windows (Fixed in Version 2)
  • Game crash after battle concluded and a chest was on the screen; color bleed occurred (May be fixed in Version 2, need repro)
  • Game crashes when a dagger is thrown (Fixed in version 3)
  • Party doesn’t move into space before getting attacked on screen (Fixed in version 3)
  • Game crashes when opening a chest (Fixed in version 3)


All code is finished, if not debugged!


Game content is split into four distinct parts at present, each comprising a rough 25% of the game. Italicized means in progress, strike-through means completed.


  • Graphics 100% Completed
  • Current monster count: 206
  • Monster statistics set up for beta testing

World Content Part #1

  • All content complete!

World Content Part #2

  • All content complete!

World Content Part #3

  • All content complete!

World Content Part #4

  • 95% of Maps completed
  • 95% Mobs/Transactions completed


Miscellaneous items to complete.

  • Game Box Design
  • Manual Design
    • Instructions
    • Reference Card
  • Map Design
  • Artwork
  • Storage Media