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Garbage Time

Despite the lack of posts, I have not been idle… After a lot of testing, I’m satisfied with my battlemap generator. I’ve populated the data table with some entries that are undefined (graphics sets in later parts of the game) … Continue reading

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Running the Gauntlet

Hi all! So I went to Fest West 2017 this year, down in Woodland, WA. It was a 3+ hour drive for me to get there, but well worth it. I met a lot of great guys and saw some … Continue reading

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Review – Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress

I’ve decided to start reviewing some classic CRPG’s I’ve played here on the blog recently. Why? Well, there are things I’ve always wanted to say about some games, and it also gives some insight into where I’m going with my … Continue reading

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Dragon Questing…

While working on my transaction stuff I’m also doing some research on the needs of the story that I’ve had on my mind for the last several years and what the engine needs to do to make it happen. But… … Continue reading

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Cast a Deadly Spell

Long long hiatus indeed… Life’s been keeping me busy lately, namely a wonderful awesome girl. 🙂 I’m turning my attention back to the CRPG… When I last left off, I was doing a lot of prep work for spell casting … Continue reading

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Review: When a Star Falls

Time to take a short side trip in my blog to review a product… “When a Star Falls”, UK4, was the first Dungeons & Dragons module I ever purchased. It was back around 1984, when book stores were selling D&D … Continue reading

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Things I Have Learned from Writing a Vintage CRPG

As I am now going into year 8 of creating my vintage CRPG, It’s time to take a look back at things and share what I’ve learned from the experience of having a hobby programming project. Or, you know, I’m … Continue reading

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A Static Situation

So, I’ve done a further bit of change to how weapons and armor work… now all base types (sword, dagger, leather armor, etc.) have fixed amounts for ALL statistics, read from CPU memory. (I could push it out to disk … Continue reading

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Processing Progressions

So… I’m working on a new game. 🙂 No, the CRPG is not abandoned. I’ve just shelved it for now because I want to work on something smaller scale I can finish. Also something I can actually play and have … Continue reading

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Virtuous Travels

I’m taking a sabbatical from writing my CRPG to playing some at the moment. Hey, I’ll call it research… that’s the ticket. 🙂 Good Old Games recently started offering the first six games of the Ultima series for purchase. They … Continue reading

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