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Happy New Year

Happy 2018 everyone! I didn’t get quite as much done as I’d hoped, but I did make some significant progress on the CRPG. I finally finished the title screen! I may still go back and tweak it a bit later, … Continue reading

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Holiday Resolutions

Happy Holidays everyone! Working hard on the CRPG… I intend to have the game at least in a running state (not bug-free necessarily) by the end of this year. Hopefully that means I can start taking screen shots and posting … Continue reading

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Hardware Hassles

Been a busy holiday weekend… My company, while in software, is also in retail so they wanted coverage during the entire five-day holiday shopping period to make sure nothing went wrong. I ended up doing a couple of very early … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect

The work continues… I absolutely intend for this game to be finished and complete in 2018. It’s amazing how many different pieces and parts need to be completed though to make that happen. Right now, I’m working on something I’ve … Continue reading

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Legends of Yesterday

Quick post about this, the CRPG Addict has played, won, and reviewed Legends on the TI! His final rating is to my judgment very fair… I’m glad he found it was fun enough to finish! I’m also really … Continue reading

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Data Dump

Been quiet for a couple weeks… I’ve been heads-down on writing up all the transactions for the first disk. Here is a breakdown on the first disk’s contents: Dialogue is in game text, stored in four sizes. (16, 32, 64, … Continue reading

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Moving On Up

If the site looks a little different to you, there’s a reason… I’ve relocated the blog! My WordPress blog on Yahoo has been stuck on a prior version for several months now. When I contacted their customer support, they pretty … Continue reading

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More Ingredients

First of all, congratulations to Sinphaltimus for being the first player to win Wizard’s Doom! Along the way to a 93 rating, he also discovered several bugs I had to fix with the final encounter… Well done! As I’m working … Continue reading

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Putting it Together

Hello everyone… Or like, both of you. Or one of you. Maybe. 🙂 I’ve actually been hard at work on the CRPG for several months now… After the TI faire I got myself an AMS card, which gives the TI … Continue reading

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12 years (and counting…)

So what I have been up to, what am I working on, when is the CRPG going to be done? What’s going right or wrong? Time for some answers… Real Life In real life, work is actually going pretty well! … Continue reading

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