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Con Bound

A quick update… I’m going to be at Emerald City Comic Con for the next four days, enjoying myself! Always a nice way to recharge the batteries. My revisions for levels/experience and bit-delimited text are largely done. I then decided … Continue reading

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Revisioning and Ranting

Work continues, but I had to take a step back and revise code… I’m revising all my code to use bit-delimited text as much as possible. I was able to use a lot less data tables for constructing interface screens, … Continue reading

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Bits and Battlemaps

Continuing my work on the combat module, and finishing up the start module! Some updates… While studying a hex dump of Castle of Tharrogad for the Color Computer 3, I noticed an interesting data pattern… All the text strings had … Continue reading

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A Preview

A new video… the title screen with music! Work on the combat module is proceeding slowly… I have to solve the battlemap generation problem, which is a totally new design. I also did some clean-up work with my external tools. … Continue reading

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