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Summer Update

Hey all… Sorry, it’s been awhile since I posted here. After the release of the game, I got crazy busy doing patches, testing, and improvements. Thanks to the help of several enthusiastic fans, I was able to do a large … Continue reading

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15 Years of Development

In May of 2005, I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. At the time, I had started preliminary work on my CRPG, having decided that working on something original and new was better than trying to port … Continue reading

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Do-Over Dialogue

So… I need to re-engineer my file system for dialogue. I hadn’t loaded the current game executable on my actual TI in awhile, so I decided to try, mainly to make sure I hadn’t introduced any problems. Initially I had … Continue reading

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Piecing it Together

Happy 2016 everyone! I’m currently working on the world maps for the game. I realized that I needed to sit down and start generating the content… all of it. Towns, people, quests, items sold, locations… everything! The main reason why … Continue reading

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Cast a Deadly Spell

Long long hiatus indeed… Life’s been keeping me busy lately, namely a wonderful awesome girl. 🙂 I’m turning my attention back to the CRPG… When I last left off, I was doing a lot of prep work for spell casting … Continue reading

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Review: When a Star Falls

Time to take a short side trip in my blog to review a product… “When a Star Falls”, UK4, was the first Dungeons & Dragons module I ever purchased. It was back around 1984, when book stores were selling D&D … Continue reading

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