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Random Thoughts

And now a side-trek on random number generation… Pseudo-random numbers have been a part of software design for awhile. It’s a field that is still very heavy in the mathematics area, because a large part of it is about trying … Continue reading

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Battling Bugs

Okay, a couple new things… One, after all the excitement and talk of the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, I decided to renew my subscription after over four years just to play a bit. I have two and a … Continue reading

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Trades and Revisions

Churning onward… As part of my work coding up traps for the encounter module, I realized I had to make my damage approach consistent. There’s effectively two kinds of damage reduction, one for wounding effects and one for every other … Continue reading

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Combat Complete

The combat module is finished! I ended up moving combat end determinations into the Encounter module, so that work will be completed there. Now that I got some code space to spare, I may have a complex “You found a … Continue reading

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