Waiting on the Post

Stack em up!

Okay, all pre-ordered collector’s editions have been mailed! Going forward, I’ll be shipping them individually rather than waves. I just received my last order of game boxes, which means there will be around 100 or so collector’s editions. I don’t plan on doing more, so get them while you can!

If you want the custom cartridge and/or disk, there will likely be a delay in shipping your order. I have to order the cart boards and chips separately,  and with floppy disks I’ve been recycling old disks I  got a pile of (thanks Ciro!), but it’s a roll of the roulette wheel if they’re usable or not…

Part 2 of Making a CRPG will be coming next… with a focus on scrolling maps!

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2 Responses to Waiting on the Post

  1. Cessare / MazinKaesar says:

    I remember when I found your project in 2008!!!
    Finally it’s done! I get my digital copy and I will play it soon.

  2. arthurdawg says:

    Excellent! Have three of them, plan on gifting two of them to old friends that also had TI computers!

    If you could sell a time spinner to actually let me find time… hey, that would be great!

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