Reload and Restart

Happy 2013 to everyone!

So, I made a New Year’s resolution to finish up my vintage CRPG this year. Needless to say, this is a daunting task. We’ll see how it goes…

I was in the middle of writing and debugging the combat engine the last time I left off with it, and it was very frustrating to deal with. The sprites weren’t showing up as expected, and the whole application was crashing with video-related errors. I’ll have to pick up the pieces there and figure out what was going wrong…

I also need to be wary of going backwards and wanting to revise the RP engine again. I’ve been playtesting the new D&D rules system, and it’s awfully tempting to go back and tinker with the mechanics. That’s fine to do, but I should stay focused on making a working combat engine first… stats can be messed with later.

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7 Responses to Reload and Restart

  1. MagerValp says:

    Excellent, looking forward to it!

    To cheer you on, here’s a screenshot from my rpg combat engine that I’ve been working on – your posts were a great starting point:

    • Adamantyr says:

      Wow, that is sweet! Looks like the Commodore 64? You have a webpage up for this one?

      • MagerValp says:

        Yep, C64, though it’s pretty much all plain C except for the field of view calculation and tile rendering.

        And no webpage for this yet, as the screenshot implies I haven’t had much time to work on it this year.

        • Realms of Quest says:

          Oh you did Ultima III-IV Gold? Those are awesome.

          I’d like to invent a time machine so that we can travel back to 1982 and release our homebrew RPG projects on the market.

  2. Realms of Quest says:

    Back in the 1980s, I started and stopped many RPG projects (I still have many of the disk images). I’m sometimes tempted to use elements from these for my next one. Then I think about it, then quietly abandon that idea.

    Right now, I’m actually thinking about making an RPG for the Atari 2600.

  3. Lame Brain says:

    Keep at it Adamantyr!
    I know what you mean about the rules for D&D 4th ed. They seem naturally designed for a comptuer game. Of course, there is always WOW…

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