Stop and Go

Debugging in assembly language is rather like being a plumber…

You have this pipe, and it’s full of gunk, debris, hair, and other bits of nastiness. It also has various redirects, T sections, valves, and  a bunch of other things. All you want is to run the water into it and have it come out into a bucket at the end. But EVERY time you do, the water gets blocked and stopped somewhere, and you spend minutes finding the blockage and correcting it. Then you get a few inches further, then bam, another block. Find, fix, and again… And again… AND AGAIN…

So I’ve been trying to get the game to launch again with a newly created character. After much sweat and toil I FINALLY got this:

Not quite right… Better than crashing

Let’s see, where to start…

  • Your character is supposed to be on an elevated cliff, so he should be able to see over the mountains
  • The water pattern is wrong, animation must be messing up
  • Two status effects are indicated active which shouldn’t be active at all
  • Why is the stamina bar down from full a bit?
  • Two of the options are displaying as characters instead of text
  • You can’t move or do anything
  • And finally, the sound is going berserk upon launch, when it should be silent

Time to cinch up the overalls and grab the wrench…

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