Great Balls of Fire

Another video, this time of the fireball spell. I did a video in the older game engine some years back, it was by far the most popular video I did. 🙂 It’s also the one that comes up most frequently in search engines.

One advantage of writing up an FX testing program is I can actually refine the FX a lot easier. I noticed before my fireball’s circle of sprites was moving too slowly and creating a blocky effect. By speeding it up, it actually makes a proper circle.

I’ve also noticed, with the speed of my effects, that four sprites actually looks like a LOT more on the screen, because I’m moving them fast enough to create the optical illusion of more.

And if I change colors at 1/60 of a second rate, it actually creates a pleasing weird hybrid color on the actual TI monitor! (Classic99 doesn’t do this, it in fact occasionally creates a weird optical effect that looks like two sprites of different colors slightly out of sync with each other.)

I’ve still got debugging to do though with the actual effect map of the spells; fireball worked fine but cone attacks didn’t. They are directional so they’re a little more complicated. Onwards…

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